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Saturday, July 31, 2010

'Outdoor' Assistant Station Master'

Again this is a term which we use merely for convenience, for technically this official is an ASM and nothing more. The Outdoor ASM may sit in the same office as his 'indoor' counterpart but his work requires him to be present at the platform when a train arrives for he is the on-duty incharge of the platform looking after the arrival and departure of trains and other related work. As a train draws into the station this official has to be at the site, noting down the train number and arrival and departure times, usually on a sheet of paper he carries along. As he is entrusted with the task of seeing that the train leaves on time he has to move around checking to see if the signal has been lowered on time, and if a train is held up despite a green signal he must look for the reasons and note down the cause for detention, and later transmit these particulars to the Control Office after the train has left. Then again when a train or a carriage is being shunted, the Outdoor ASM has to be at the platform, give instructions to the Shunting Master (more of this later), note down shunting times, finally entering all these details in the Station Diary maintained in the ASM's office.

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