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Friday, January 21, 2011

Administration please take notice


Minister of Railway, Govt. of India
Chairman, Railway Board
General Manager, Eastern Railway
Chief Public Relation Officer, E.R.
D.R.M Asansol
General Manager, C.L.W.
Memeber of Parliament, Asansol
District Magistrate, Burdwan
Although Chittaranjan hosts the leading locomotive engine factory of the Indian railways, most of the train passing over this town doesn't has a stoppage. Many long distance trains has been introduced by both Mamata Banerjee & Nitish Kumar as railway minister, passes through the Chittaranjan, Madhupur route, no new stoppages at Chittaranjan has been introduced. Although many requests from the passengers, the scenario remains same.

The regular passengers for Kolkata, the state capital & nearest metro has go through inhuman suffering due to unavailability of direct trains. The passengers has to travel all the way to Asansol or Sitarampur at the dawn to catch trains like Asansol - Howrah Agnibina Express, Dhanbad - Howrah Coalfield Express or Asansol - Sealdah Intercity Express. Although two trains (3006 Dn. Amritsar Express & 3020 Dn. Katgudam Express) are scheduled to reach Chittaranjan at early morning, but they run well behind the scheduled time most of the days. The scenario in not different for common people, students, paitents of Chittaranjan, Mihijam, Rupnarayanpur and Salanpur area. Passengers cannot trust on the only connecting train 062 Dn. Jashidi - Asansol local as a little late running of the local means the passengers missing Coalfield Exp. The commuters demand that a stoppage of 3028 Dn Benaras - Howrah Bibhuti Exp. & 3106 Dn. Balia - Howrah Express can solve the problem. The demand is on for locals or fast-passenger trains between Barddhaman & Jashidi. "This can be solved easily by extending the Jashidi - Asansol local upto Burdwan" said a commuter.

The common people of the Chittaranjan - Mihijam area as angry due to non-availability of computerised reservation system at the station. Although the administrative office of the CLW houses one such PRS (Passenger Reservation System), the facility is only limited to the staffs & family members of the CLW & the common passengers are deprived of the facility. "An additional counter or availability of tickets for common passengers from this unit will not only enhance the revenue collection from the area but will meet a long-term demand of ours" said a resident. "Although we know, Chittaranjan is a exclusive town-ship of CLW, many passenger of the nearby Mihijam, Kalyanpur, Rupnarayanpur & coalfield areas of Samdi - Salanpur will be helped enormously if these justified demand of ours." he added.

Overall not only CLW staffs & families but people from the many adjoining areas rely on Chittaranjan as the main communication point, waiting for the administration to change their sorrowful tale of railway communication. A real paradox, the city manufacturing the engines which pull the Indian Railways needs more trains to pull the dwellers to their destination.

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