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Saturday, January 22, 2011


SYLR Second Class Ladies Coach with a Luggage Cubicle and a Guard's Cabin
FC First-class coupe coach
FAC (WGFAC) First-class air-conditioned coach
FS First-class / second-class composite
FCS Composite of First-class with coupe / second-class
GS Second-class coach (self-generating), non-vestibuled. Note that 'GS' also stands for General Second-class in accommodation types, and this can be confusing as SLR coaches also have GS accommodation!
WGS Vestibuiled second-class coach (self-generating)
SC Second-class with coupe
ACFC Air-conditioned first-class with coupe
WAC Air-conditioned coach, vestibuled
WGSCN Vestibuled self-generating second-class 3-tier sleeper
WGSCNY Vestibuled self-generating second-class 3-tier sleeper with ladies cabin
WGSCZ Vestibuled self-generating second-class chair-car (used on InterCity Express trains)
GSCZAC Self-generating AC chair car second-class
WFSY Vestibuled first and second class coach with ladies cabin.
WGACCN Vestibuled self-generating air-conditioned 3-tier sleeper
WACCWEN Vestibuled AC 2-tier sleeper with end-on generated power supply
WGACCNW (Proposed) BG 2-tier / 3-tier AC composite
LACCN/EOG LHB AC 3-tier sleeper, non-self-generating
LACCW/EOG LHB AC 2-tier sleeper, non-self-generating
LACCW/SG LHB AC 2-tier sleeper, self-generating
LFAC LHB AC First Class
WGFACCZFirst Class Chair Car (Executive Chair Car)
WGFACCWFirst Class / 2-tier AC Sleeper composite
WGACCWAC 2-tier Sleeper
SLR Second-class Luggage/parcel van + guard van ('G' missing). See note for 'GS' above.
SYLR SLR with ladies' cubicle
WGSCNLR BG 3-tier sleeper with luggage cubicle and guard's compartment.
YF Suburban first-class
YS Suburban second-class
YFYS Suburban first-class and second-class composite coach
YSYL Suburban second-class with motorman's cabin / luggage compartment
YTYL Suburban third-class (?) with motorman's cabin / luggage compartment
YSD Suburban coach, 2nd class, with motorman's cabin (older)
YZZ Suburban coach, 2nd class, self-propelled (i.e., with motor and pantograph)
SPPH Second-class / half postal van composite
SPPQ Second-class / quarter postal van composite
SRRM Second-class with brake van and generator
WCD Restaurant / dining car (vestibuled)
WCDN Vestibuled twin-set dining car
WCDAC Vestibuled air-conditioned dining car
WCB, WGCB Kitchen / pantry / buffet cars
CB Pantry services (no access on the run)
CD Non-vestibuled dining car (must enter and leave at specific stations)
WP Older RMS coach
VPU Older motor-cum-parcel vans (could carry 2 automobiles, with end ramps for loading/unloading).
GSR Second-class car with guard's van
WLRRMAC End-on Generator car for Rajdhani (??) (half for pantry facilities)
WLRRMEN End-on Generator car for Rajdhani (??)
MS Military special (obsolete?)
TLR Third-class with luggage cubicle and brake van (obsolete)
FSQ First and second class composite with attendants' van (obsolete)
EVP 4-wheeled parcel van
EVPU 4-wheeled parcel van with motor van
EVK 4-wheeled motor van
LR Luggage van / brake van composite
CTAC Tourist car, air-conditioned
ERA 4-wheeler inspection carriage
ERB 4-wheeler inspection carriage
ERC 4-wheeler inspection carriage
ERU 4-wheeler OHE inspection cars
RU 8-wheeler (bogie stock) OHE inspection cars
ECR 4-wheeler state saloon
MK Military coach with kitchen (obsolete?)
BVGT Brake van for goods, with transition coupling
BVGC Brake van for goods, with CBC coupling
BVZI An extra-long brake van for goods, developed by RDSO, providing greater comfort for the guard. Max 100km/h.
HHVP Horse van / parcel van composite
WPCTAC Saloon car for Palace on Wheels
WRB Rail Bus
VPH High-capacity parcel van (23t, 130km/h).
VVN Milk van, air-braked (?)
WGD Double-decker coaches??

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