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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Commissioning of escalator at Platform No-1 of Bhubaneswar Railway Station

A new height of passenger facilities with style

The East Coast Railway adds a new chapter to its glory by commissioning the escalator at Platform No-1 of Bhubaneswar Railway Station which is 1stof its kind in East Coast Railway.

Inaugurating the escalator this evening, Shri S. K. Mohanty, Divisional Railway Manager of Khurda Road Division said that, commissioning of escalator today is an important and historical achievement for East Coast Railway. He also said that, o­ne more escalator has been sanctioned for Bhubaneswar Station and commissioning of the second escalator is likely to be completed by this financial year. This facility is being provided for convenience of large number of patients and senior citizens.
The work of commissioning of escalator was completed in time and extensive trials were conducted during the last week.  After successful trials and inspection, the escalator facility is being opened for Railway passengers today. This is a major input in the passenger amenities segment at Bhubaneswar station. The escalator was sanctioned during 2009-10.  Civil Engineering and Electrical works related with commissioning of escalator were started in 2012, added Shri Mohanty.
Divisional Railway Manager also said that, East Coast Railway has provided the escalator with a cost of Rupees 79 lakh 26 Thousand 350.  The vertical height of the escalator is 6.3 metres and the width of each path way is 0.75 metres having water proof covering. There are two path ways having 32 steps in this escalator which can carry total 120 passengers per minute with a speed of 0.5 metre per second.  Thus the distance from ground level to foot over bridge can be covered in a few seconds o­nly. This escalator has been installed by M/s Autometer Alliance Ltd. and it can be operated for ascending as well as descending.
The East Coast Railway, however, has requested the passengers to take following precautions while using escalator:-
* Hold the handrails while ascending /descending firmly.
* Keep your feet away from edges of steps.
* Keep your feet within yellow lines.
* Hold children & elderly people firmly.
* Face the direction of travel.
* Move away from Escalator after reaching destination.
* Do not use bare feet.
* Wheel chair & heavy baggage are not permitted.
* Running o­n the steps may be dangerous.
* Avoid wearing loose garments and loose laces.
* Do not spill water or put any foreign objects o­n the Escalator.
* In case of Emergency Press “Red Emergency Stop Button”.

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