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Friday, June 7, 2013


With a view to facilitating smooth and better movement of trains, Railways have taken Non-Inter locking work including other safety and modernization work from Panskura to Shyamchak between Howrah and Kharagpur railway section under South Eastern Railway from 28th May’2013. As a result, some of the Odisha bound trains and trains passing through East Coast Railway jurisdiction will be Diverted, Short Terminated and Cancelled during the period.
          12514 Guwahati-Secunderabad Express scheduled to leave Guwahati o­n 30thMay and 6th June,12508 Guwahati-Ernakulam Express leaving Guwahati o­n 31st May & 7thJune, 15902 Dibrugarh-Yesvantpur Expressleaving Dibrugarh o­n 31st May & 7th June, 12510 Guwahati-Bangalore Express leaving Guwahati o­n 27th, 28thMay and 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 9th & 10thJune and 12516 Guwahati-Trivandrum Express leaving Guwahati o­n 29th May and 5th June 2013 will be diverted via Asansol-Adra-Hijli instead of passing through Kharagpur.
          Similarly, 12253 Yesvantpur-Bhagalpur Express leaving Yesvantpur o­n 1st & 8th June, 15227 Yesvantpur-Muzafarpur Express leaving Yesvantpur o­n 29th May & 5thJune, 12513 Secunderabad-Guwahati Express leaving Secunderabad o­n 2nd& 9th June, 12515 Trivandrum-Guwahati Express leaving Trivandrum o­n 2nd & 9th June and 12509 Bangalore-Guwahati Express leaving Bangalore o­n 29th, 30th, 31stMay and 5th, 6th & 7th June 2013 will be diverted via Hijli-Midnapur & Asansol without touching Kharagpur.
58004/58003 Bhadrak-Howrah-Bhadrak passenger will run between Bhadrak & Kharagpur and will remain cancelled between Howrah and Kharagpur from both the directions between 30th May to 11th June 2013.
58002 Puri-Santragachhi passenger scheduled to leave Puri between 29th May to 10th June will run between Puri and Kharagpur and will remain cancelled between Kharagpur and Howrah from 30thMay to 11th June.
Trains scheduled to leave from Puri i.e. 22878 Puri-Digha Express o­n 29th May & 5th June, 12277 Puri-Howrah Express o­n 30th May & 11th June, 22890 Puri-Digha Express o­n 1st & 8th June, 22202 Puri-Sealdah Express between 30th May to 11th June and 12074 Bhubaneswar-Howrah Jan Shatabdi Express scheduled to leave Bhubaneswar o­n 31stMay & 8th June will remain cancelled.
Similarly, 22874 Visakhapatnam-Digha Express scheduled to leave Visakhapatnam o­n 30th May & 6th June and 22854 Visakhapatnam-Shalimar Express scheduled to leave Visakhapatnam o­n 29thMay & 5th June will remain cancelled.
Apart from this, trains leaving from Digha i.e. 22873 Visakhapatnam-Digha Express o­n 31st May & 7th June, 22877 Digha-Puri express o­n 30th May & 6th June, 22889 Digha-Puri express o­n 1st & 8th June; 12278 Howrah-Puri Express scheduled to leave Howrah o­n 30th May & 11th June, 22853 Shalimar-Visakhapatnam Express scheduled to leave Shalimar o­n 28thMay & 4th June, 12073 Howrah-Bhubaneswar Jan Shatabdi Express scheduled to leave Howrah o­n 31st May & 8th June and 22201 Sealdah-Puri Express scheduled to leave Sealdah between 29thMay to 10th June will also remain cancelled.
In convenience caused to the passengers is deeply regretted.

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