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Saturday, September 21, 2013


Railways have taken initiatives to aware the train passengers and rail users against drugging, snatching, touting activities and other crime offences created by miscreants and also advised them for a smooth and hassle free journey. The RPF urges train passengers and rail users to co-operate Railway security to ensure better safety of passengers and their belongings and to bring down crimes o­n railway stations and at train journey.
The RPF Unit of Khurda Road Division of East Coast Railway o­n its awareness programme at Puri Railway Station today, distributed leaflets to the train passengers and staged demo how to tackle crime activities to tighten the noose around drug peddlers, snatchers and robbers moving in trains and stations under its jurisdiction.
To avoid the rise in crime o­n railway stations and trains which have seems to have left the railway security forces with fresh challenges, Railway security urges the passengers not to take food, drinks, prasad etc. from any co-passengers or from anybody which may have intoxicate elements; don’t travel without or with improper tickets and also not to buy railway tickets from the touts or from any unauthorized agents. 
For the safe journey, passengers are being advised not to pull the alarm chain without sufficient causes and to avoid detention of trains; not to travel at roof top or buffer or footboard of the train compartments and also not to congest the platform unnecessarily & use it for minimum time. 
Apart from this, not to consume alcohol in train and station premises, not to carry offensive goods like fireworks, explosives, crackers, gas cylinders, petrol and kerosene in trains, not to smoke in train and station premises have also been advised to the passengers during the awareness programme. 
Purchase of food & drinks items from the authorized vendors and entrust yourselves of your belongings without depending o­n anybody will make a passenger a safe and hassle free journey. 
Apart from this, RPF is also focusing o­n thefts of parcels from small luggage rooms, escorting the trains that run in the night and have keep a strict vigil o­n touts in station premises particularly at PRS and Booking counters. Rescuing of children is also o­ne of the prime focuses now.
Passengers have been advised to take the help of security personnel about unclaimed luggage at trains and platforms and to inform security personnel for any crime offense. Passengers may contact through telephone nos. 06752- 224275 & 232305 for the above matter.

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