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Monday, July 19, 2010

Konkan Railway has patent on anti-crash device

MUMBAI: Even as the Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd. (KRCL) was granted an Anti-Collision Device (ACD) patent in the United States of America for its Track Identification System (TIS) recently, neither the Central nor its counterpart Western Railway has installed it in any of their trains.

On long-distance trains in Mumbai, in the suburban section, a mixture of both the automatic signaling system where the signals change automatically as per the movement of the train (with no human intervention) and semi-automatic system where points in some sections are set manually are in play.

In the non-suburban section, an absolute block system is used wherein in a particular section only one train can run. The system is manual where cabins coordinate between themselves and set the points and crossings and clear the section for the train movement. This system is used all over the Indian Railways as well as on CR and WR, said senior CR officials.

The pilot project developed by KRCL was commissioned in the North-East Frontier Railway in June 2007.

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