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Monday, July 19, 2010

Mumbai locals have AWS to avoid collision

MUMBAI: Suburban trains in Mumbai run by both Central and Western Railway have installed in them what is called as an Auxillary Warning System (AWS). This system, say senior railway officials, is as good as an Anti-Collision Device (ACD).

The AWS is fitted in every local trains and is in the motorman's cabin. The device, thorugh a series of magnets and sensors, does not allow a train to jump a red signal.

However there have been cases when the AWS has been switched off. The system can be and is switched off by the motormen if it is defective. However a motorman needs to inform the control room if he is switching it off, said railway spokesman S C Mudgerikar.

On August 9 last year, a local train slammed into another stationary one as it stood at Mahim station's platform 1. The report of the enquiry that followed showed that it was the failure of the motorman as the AWS was not working but the same was not reported. Modified instructions on AWS included that whenever the AWS was out of order it should be reported to he EMU controller.

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