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Monday, December 21, 2015

3 Injured as Chalukya Express Derails

HUBBALLI:  Passengers on board Chalukya Express (Puducherry-Dadar) had a miraculous escape after three coaches of the train along with the engine derailed soon after the train left Hubballi junction.
The incident occurred around 3.35 pm on Monday when the train was passing by the Unkal railway station. Three persons, who sustained minor injuries were admitted to the Railway Hospital.
A railway official said the mishap occurred when the train was supposed to take the main line as already two trains were waiting at Unkal station. But the train derailed and jumped onto the track on the left side where a train was already waiting.
The loco pilot managed to apply brakes and halt the train before it could collide with another train. The train was running at a speed of 70 kmph when the incident occurred.
“It is a miracle that we  escaped unhurt. I heard a loud thud and saw the train jump off the track and still moving. If the train was not controlled, it could have collided with the train waiting on the other track,” said a passenger. Soon after the derailment, passengers with the help of railway officials shifted the injured out of the coaches, said a eye witness.
Five major trains, including the Hubballi-Nizamuddin were cancelled and the passengers from Chalukya Express were accommodated in railway facilities in Hubballi.
Committee Formed: SWR General Manager P K Saxena has announced that the incident will be probed by a committee headed by Commissioner of Railway Safety.

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